Fee Only Financial Planning

Are you a successful 50+ professional or business owner looking to retire soon?
Do you feel ill prepared due to a lack of advice and planning you are getting from your current advisor or bank?
Would you like the peace of mind of knowing definitively that your current lifestyle is sustainable both today and into retirement?
Do you want to attain a lifestyle that you can enjoy today, and feel confident that you know how much income you will generate in retirement and not run out of savings?

Your Ideal Life

Your ideal life starts with building a solid foundation. The foundation we will build together is your Financial Road Map for Living Life on Purpose. We focus on understanding what is most important to you and how we can define your goals, framed by your values.

Our fee only financial planner has designed a comprehensive process to have your financial house in order. To live your ideal life now as well as in retirement. This is can only be achieved through doing the detailed work. Having your financial house in order, establishing clearly defined and measurable goals, with a strong financial plan as the foundation. Once in place, you can enjoy life on your terms, regardless of what happens in the world, the economy, or the markets you will know you are going to be ok.

There are those who travel and those who are going somewhere. They are different, yet they are the same. Successful people have this over their rivals: they know where they are going.”

Mark Caine

What to Expect with Our Fee Only Financial Planner

Meeting #1:

Calgary Wealth Advisor - Fee Only Financial Planner

Your first meeting at Moraine Wealth Advisory will be approximately an hour. We know that your time is valuable and we want to make sure you receive value for the time you spend with us. Regardless if you engage us to do a plan or choose to become a client, you will receive value from this meeting.

In this first meeting we build your financial roadmap. This is where we dive into understanding your values, focusing in on your goals, and helping you visualize your retirement lifestyle. This first meeting is where we benchmark your current financial position and determine the next steps to reaching your ideal lifestyle.

There is no cost for our first meeting. At the end of this meeting, we will determine the cost for your planning engagement, provide a timeline for getting the planning done, and sign a letter of engagement.

Our planning process is completed over 45 days and covers off 3 meetings every two weeks.

Do you want to know all the questions you will get answers to with a comprehensive plan?
This list outlines the questions you will have clarity on upon establishing your comprehensive plan.

Meeting #2:

The second meeting is when our fee only financial planner will review your draft financial plan. We will provide you with clarity around all the financial areas of your life, form strategies and recommendations to realize your goals and outline the process to getting your financial house in order.

Meeting #3:

Meeting 3 is approximately 2 weeks after Meeting 2 it provides you the time needed to review your financial plan and discuss the scenarios that work best for you as a family. It is in this meeting that we will take your feedback, review alternatives scenarios, and make decisions on what strategies will be implemented. We will provide you with a final draft of your plan, along with final recommendations for implementation. This provides you with the tools and education to take action on the plan that was created for you to live your ideal lifestyle.

Integrated Wealth Management - Fee Only Financial Planner
At this point, you may see the value of having access to the timely and strategic advice that we provide to our clients.

With a minimum of $500,000 of investible assets you have the option of delegating the responsibility of implementation to our team here at Moraine Wealth Advisory. Moraine would then be your provider of full-service investments management, and comprehensive planning on an ongoing basis.