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Wealth Management That Goes Beyond Just Investment Advice

Our Values


Our advice and recommendations are always made with our clients’ interests first.

Communication & Reporting

We will be available to make sure you are kept informed.

We Are Investors

It's important to us that we have alignment with our clients, as a result we invest in the same strategies that we recommend.


We are driven by honesty and a strong moral compass.

True Diversification

Canada is less than 3% (1) of the global market capitalization. As such we believe diversification is an important part of portfolio construction. The use of over 10 different asset classes with an emphasis on protecting capital on the downside is part of our portfolio design. Our investment approach is designed to meet three key objectives: Will I outlive my wealth and retirement savings? Will my portfolio grown beyond the rate of inflation? Is my portfolio designed to grow but also protect me from significant draw downs in the market?

Our commitment is to act in our clients’ best interests which is why we invest in the same strategies.

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Cash & Absolute Return


Top-down, Opportunistic



Our Team

Sean Wilson B.Mgt, CIM®, CFP®

Sean Wilson B.Mgt, CIM®, CFP®

Associate Portfolio Manager & Owner

Amanda Allan

Amanda Allan

Insurance and Portfolio Administrator

Moraine Wealth Advisory offers Integrated Planning

Moraine Wealth Advisory is a fee-based private wealth management firm that goes beyond just investment advice.

We take the time to understand your financial and life goals. We then implement our integrated planning process. We are committed to continually finding ways to create value for our clients. Through our detailed process of understanding your financial and life goals, we are able to build a comprehensive plan that brings together all aspects of your financial life, for clarity and peace of mind.



Moraine Wealth Advisory offers integrated financial planning.

Set up a meeting to get clarity around your financial life.