Our Approach

Moraine Wealth Advisory’s approach to integrated wealth management is guided by our core values and fiduciary duty.

Our Values


Our advice and recommendations are always made with our clients’ interests first.

Communication & Reporting

We will be available to make sure you are kept informed.

We Are Investors

It's important to us that we have alignment with our clients, as a result we invest in the same strategies that we recommend.


We are driven by honesty and a strong moral compass.

Our Fiduciary Duty

Moraine Wealth Advisory is accountable to the highest standard of fiduciary duty. Our clients’ interests will always be placed above our own with fairness, honesty, and good faith. Our advisors are bound by the CIM designation code of conduct and follow the Canadian Securities Act.

Investment Philosophy

Moraine Wealth Advisory understands how hard you have worked to build your wealth. This wealth is the foundation of what will form the basis of your lifestyle and legacy. As such, our priority is always preservation of capital. Our portfolios are built with a methodical process that examines multiple sources of risk that may impact your portfolio. We use progressive strategies with the goal of providing smooth returns and safeguarding against large losses. Our process includes taking the time to understand your unique situation and preferences, which ensures that our recommendations will be aligned with your comfort level.


Transparency is of the utmost importance to us at Moraine Wealth Advisory. We offer quarterly reconciliation of inflow/outflow, returns, and a detailed tax reporting package.

Moraine Wealth Advisory offers Integrated Planning

that encompasses all of the following:



Moraine Wealth Advisory offers integrated financial planning.

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